Rubihorn: The Ascent

So, if you havn’t figured out yet, We do a bit of hiking when we are in the Allgau.. This one is up to a peak called Rubihorn. The whole trip took us about half a day, and was amazing. It was like no hike I had been on as of yet. At a couple of points in the second half of the hike, all you had, were a couple of rocks big enough for one person to stand on and a rope nailed into the wall, for a bit of support.. At one of these sections, there was a group of people coming back down, we had to let go by, so I was stuck holding onto the rope, while this old lady tried to get past me as some Sure-Footed dog came bounding down the path.. Unfortunately there was not enough room to get the camera out of my bag.. Enjoy these photos of the way up to the top. Photos from the peak are coming up next! Stay Tuned!

diffpeak Eileenhandswash endpath firstlakeview


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