Euro Dudes: Berlin Bound

After an awesome couple of days in Amsterdam, we left for a week in Berlin. Berlin was a lot more interesting than I expected (not saying I wasn’t excited). Amongst other things we saw a homeless women harass and forcibly try to take food from a girl walking by in the street.. She put up a good fight to keep her food.

We spent the first few days checking out the sights and museums, and this guy below scared the shit out of me. The piece was just some manikin standing in the corner of the room with a creepy voice track playing over the speakers.. Real enough for me to be creeped out by this dude..

creepyart hewsgallery wallfrogs

We went to the Jewish museum, and amongst other things I thought this was pretty well done. There were ten thousand of these metal faces on the floor of this big and silent room, which you could walk over. The faces on the floor represented the all of the people that died during the holocaust…



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